Your journey to purification and rejuvenation
Energy Balancing Therapy

Asian massage therapies including Acupressure, Shiatsu, and Deep Sports Massage are used to stimulate or sedate the meridian systems of the body and release blocked chi. One or all techniques may be requested.

  Energy Balancing Therapy     $105

  60 minutes

  Energy Balancing Therapy     $145

  90 minutes

  Energy Balancing Therapy     $190

  120 minutes

Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage)

This massage technique originated in Turkey, Russia, and Persia and provides stimulating and deep manipulation of the muscles and limbs. You leave feeling as if you had a great workout.

 Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage)      $125

  60 minutes

 Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage)      $165

  90 minutes

Juvenex Spa Provides a variety of massages and it will give you a relief and decreases pain, muscle spasms, reduces chronic stress and tension, Increases flexibility in your joints. Thermo-Stone TherapyReflexology Massage, Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage), Express Massage, Four Hands Dream Massage in New York City NYC Manhattan.