Young couple receiving head massage at beauty spa in New York NYC

Young couple receiving a head massage at Juvenex spa in New York NYC

Get the Juvenex Jade Journey FREE for 1 hour with a purchase of 1 service of your choice over 1 hour
Get the Juvenex Jade Journey for $35 for 1 hour with a purchase of 1 service of your choice under 1 hour


We will recapture the youthful glow in your face by reducing the facial imperfections and fine lines. The beautification series is designed to bring you firmer, more beautiful skin without surgery or painful injections.

Thalasso Therapy Body-Contouring Wrap

A premium treatment for anti-aging, body slimming and rejuvenation. Our specialized wrap detoxifies, exfoliates and nourishes your body with purifying algae and fango. A warm, relaxing wrap infused with aromatic botanical extracts provides trace elements and minerals vital to sustain longevity. Popular choice for hydration, remineralization, fluid retention, cellulite and anti-aging effect.

River Destination Hydrotherapy Massage

Experience the sensory pleasure of river currents by simulating a cascading waterfall to relax tense muscles around the neck and shoulders, or activate two river-jets to create a rolling surface current to stimulate circulation.

  River Destination Hydrotherapy Massage      $75


  • Hydrotherapy Massage in Hydrotherapy Soaking Tub
  • Add-Ons
    + Choice of bath ingredients such as Sea salt, Ginseng, Noni or Neem: + $10

Jet-Lag Kombu Body Wrap

Be luxuriously wrapped in mineral-rich seaweeds from France to detoxify and balance fluids in the body. This treatment reduces the effects of bloating, jet lag and water retention.

     Jet-Lag Kombu Body Wrap                                 $125

60 minutes

   Thalasso Therapy Body-Contouring Wrap          $135

60 minutes


Release Relax Reconnect of your body

The environment is serene, the atmosphere is tranquil, our mission is to melt your stress and tension away.

Salt Glow Body Scrub in New York City NYC near Empire state building, Madison Square Park

Relax, Retreat, Rejuvenate with Juvenex Spa’s Body Scrub

Juvenex Spa in New York
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