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Seaweed Rejuvenation Facial

This mineral-rich facial is an instant tonic for tired skin. A gentle cleanse, followed by an antistress facial massage, a splash of marine mist and a final application of specialized serums will leave you with a healthy glow.

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Juvenex Spa (25 West 32nd Street 5th Floor New York),  Call us: 646-733-1330.

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Fango Mud Facial

This facial begins with a deep-pore cleansing using a gentle exfoliant cleanser and steam to melt away surface impurities. It is followed by extraction and an anti-stress facial massage for relaxation ending with a treatment mask – FANGO, a renowned salt mud treatment from the oldest salt pans in Europe which gently purifies skin, alleviating harsh drying effects of stress.


facial massage near new york nyc

facial massage near new york nyc

Oxygen Blast Facial

Recapture that rosy glow. Urban dwellers will relish in this treatment that revives damaged skin exposed to the elements. Unwind as your skin is infused with a specialized cocktail of essential vitamins and a stream of pure oxygen. Perfect for smokers and dehydrated skin.

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The Perfect Face Facial

The synergy of technology and nature give you the best in anti-aging treatments. Safe and effective Bio-Brasion provides deep exfoliating to refine the skin’s surface and prepare it for an application of the purest ingredients from plants and seaweed, nature’s natural anti-oxidants. Multiple treatments are recommended to achieve results for mature, over-exposed, uneven and lifeless skin.

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Juvenex Spa (25 West 32nd Street 5th Floor New York),  Call us: 646-733-1330.

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