Fresh Eyes Cooling Eye Treatment This treatment dramatically reduces puffiness around the eye area. You will immediately notice a moisture boost and a minimization of fine lines. Includes a soothing massage and specialized mask. Brow Perfection A consultation with your aesthetician & a sculpt and tweeze session will create the perfect, most flattering brow for your face shape. Luxurious Luscious Lips It’s all too easy to forget your precious pout. Relax as your aesthetician exfoliates and hydrates your lips. Our exclusive formula will plump your pucker and increase circulation for several hours.

The Perfect Body See yourself in a new way after Juvenex’s “perfect body” treatment. This program is designed to provide effective slimming results through a mechanical breakdown of cellulite, lymphatic drainage, and excess water retention, increasing circulation to problem areas. The outcome is an increased metabolic rate, visible contouring and an overall improvement of the skin condition. Gyno Spa Cure Try this ancient remedy that Asian cultures have known for centuries. Utilizing healing herbs to irrigate the vaginal passage to restore optimum health. Available for the first time in the U.S.

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