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The Purification Programs are designed to stimulate circulation and refine your skin’s texture to produce a soft, healthy glow.  Experience tension and fatigue melt away, and these programs will quickly become an essential part of your monthly care regimen.

Body Scrub & Spa in New York City NYC Manhattan
Spa & Salt Glow Scrub in New York City NYC near Empire state building, Madison Square Park

Juvenex Spa Body Scrub in New York Manhattan NYC Experience the tension and fatigue melt away

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Release Relax Reconnect of your body

The environment is serene, the atmosphere is tranquil, our mission is to melt your stress and tension away.

Salt Glow Body Scrub in New York City NYC near Empire state building, Madison Square Park

Relax, Retreat, Rejuvenate with Juvenex Spa’s Body Scrub