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646-733-1330 info@juvenexspanyc.com
Young man and woman lying down on massage beds at Asian luxury spa and wellness center

Spa massage near me in New York Manhattan area

Luxury 24/7 Spa in the heart of New York City NYC Manhattan

Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul Day Spa – Bath and Body Massage – Manhattan NYC

Juvenex Spa (25 West 32nd Street 5th Floor New York)

Call us: 646-733-1330.

Thermo-Stone Therapy, Reflexology Massage, Mosht-O-Maul (Sports Massage), Express Massage, Four Hands Dream Massage in New York City NYC Manhattan.

Thermo-Stone Therapy, Reflexology Massage, in New York City NYC Manhattan.

I have been going to this spa already for almost 5 years. It is truly my favorite spot in the city. I love the fact that Juvenex is open 24 hours a day. It is very clean, they always serve you with fresh fruits and drinks, and the girls are very attentive and very sweet. I normally get massages, facials and bikini waxing. Kim is my girl she does a magnificent job to my skin. And her waxing skills are almost painless. She is one of my favorite girls there. Also I get different kind of massages. The girls really know what they are doing. Their magic and firm touch bring me back to life after long hours of work. I truly recommend this place. Never need to stay on line, the girls are always ready to attend to your needs and they always provide the best service with a big smile and very professional courtesy.

Alexandra S. | New York, NY


Our Spa Services – Best Spa in New York – Private Couple Massage, Body Scrub

Our late night spa is opening 24hrs, we provide Romantic couples spa, getaway spa, facial massage, day spa, body scrub,  sun tanning, an entire floor rental for Spa party,  group party Spa, company party Spa. Juvenex Spa is the best spa in New York, near Midtown, Manhattan, Time Square, Washington square park, The High line, near Empire state building, Madison square park, New York Korean Town.

What does Juvenex mean?

It literally means ‘The Essence of Youth’. When you Rejuvenate, you are regaining Juvenex or youth.

Is Juvenex a Korean spa?

Though we are located in Korea town and do offer Korean scrubs, we are a full service spa featuring services from Japan, Korea, France, Turkey, Persia, China and the United States.

Can I use the spa facilities without purchasing a treatment?

Yes, please refer to the Jade Journey.

Are there any discounts if I buy multiple of one service??

Yes, if you purchase up front, ten of the same service, treatment, or package, you will receive two complimentary sessions. In other words, 12 sessions for the price of 10. You will receive your total value in the form of a gift card. Keep in mind different services, treatments, and packages cannot be mixed for a total of 10.

Do I have to be nude when I am at Juvenex Spa?

During the hours of 7am to 5pm, we are a ladies only day spa (during this time, we are fully staffed by ladies only as well); therefore you may enjoy the Jade Journey Amenities with or without a bathing suit. Every day after 5pm we are Co-Ed for couples and bathing suits are absolutely required during these hours. Juvenex maintains a zero tolerance policy regarding nudity during our co-ed hours. Any violation to this policy and you will be escorted out and NO refund will be issued.