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A lot of people see professional facials as something that the rich and famous do frequently, but that common people only do on special occasions. However, after talking to a skin care professional, many are surprised to learn the long term benefits that frequent facials have.

Unfortunately, many people wait until they have some serious skin concerns before they will get a professional facial. They might start to see signs of dry skin, dark patches in their skin, or weird breakouts on their skin. Or it could be that they have a special event coming up and they want to look their best. There’s nothing wrong with getting a facial only on these occasions. However, many of the problems that people come in to get treated can be prevented by having monthly facials done by a professional and following this up with good skin care at home.

Some people are reluctant to get a monthly facial because they don’t feel that it is a good way to use their money. However, this opinion has a lot to do with the fact that people are viewing facials as a luxury option. What they’re not realizing is that for many people, a monthly facial is an important part of maintaining the health of their skin.

And here’s the thing: your face is always on display. Your face is what people connect to your identity. If your facial skin is dry, has breakouts, or has other problems with coloration, this is going to affect the way that people see you. Some opt to buy shoes or a new dress instead of getting a facial. Or they may opt to spend their money on a small vacation. Again, there’s nothing wrong with these decisions, but having clear skin on your face is going to make a greater impact on the way people see you than any dress or any new pair of shoes ever will. And as anyone who has had a facial done knows, a facial is like a mini-vacation.

Still some might argue that getting a facial once a month is a bit excessive. This is because they do not understand the way that your skin works. As you go in for a facial, the external layer of your skin is removed. This is the layer of skin that is most visible to the world. The problem is that this layer of skin renews itself every 28 days. By getting a facial, you are giving your face the ability to regenerate healthier skin cells that will give you a better complexion.

Additionally, if you are using facial products, most of them will take 6 to 8 weeks to show any benefit. By getting a facial, you can speed up the effect that your facial creams are having.

Facials give you time to relax, which is good for your appearance. They increase the blood circulation to your face, which will make your skin grow healthier. And they remove the waste underneath your skin, which removes puffiness.

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